Czy wiesz, że…?

….Organic agriculture is one of the three main directions of agricultural development in Poland?

It is a farming system of sustainable plant as well as animal production. It means using only resources of biological origin, which reduces dependence on external inputs. It is also called biological or organic farming. Its basic principles include the imitation of processes that occur in natural ecosystems. It is characterised by production in a closed cycle: soil – plant – animal. What are the main objectives of organic farming?

– producing highly nutritious foodstuffs

– aiming for increased soil fertility

– to manage natural resources while respecting biological mechanisms.

An important element is also the selection of plant species for the so-called crop rotation, which should be as diverse and extensive as possible. Its role is to reduce pests and weed infestation by using crop breaks in the same field.

Plant protection methods, which have a direct impact on reducing the incidence of diseases, are particularly important in organic farming. This includes the selection of sowing dates and cultivation treatments that are unfavourable for disease development. In addition, the deployment of traps and trapping boards, as well as covering plants with covers at times of increased pest incidence. Every farmer knows that the use of lightweight non-woven fabrics is also of considerable importance here. Why? By spreading them around the plants, weed growth is prevented, which makes it much easier to cultivate plants in an organic way. It should be mentioned at this point that organic farming can be seen as a philosophy of the land. In order for us to produce a healthy, nutrient-rich product, a lot of work has to be put into it. Here there is no room for supporting the crop with chemical pesticides, no shortcuts. Organic production under supervision is a great challenge and a risk, but the final result is significantly different from what is not certified „green leaf”.

One can talk endlessly about organic farming. But its main objective is undoubtedly high quality. Before it goes on sale, it successively passes through the farm inspection system. And a good quality product is the best gift for consumers.

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